Meeting Rooms

So You Want To Huddle?

deskplex meeting room in hawthorn

Traditional Meeting Rooms

We have 6 meeting rooms on the ground floor.

When vacant, they are FREE to use as part of our monthly desk/office plans.

Each room has an HD projector (with AV) and a large pull down projector screen.

The rooms are divided by removable soundproof panels rather than permanent walls. This way, the rooms can be interconnected and gives you various meeting room size options.

Book a meeting room via our calendar.

deskplex outdoor deck

Outdoor Meeting Tables

If you wish to take your meeting outside, we have 5 x 8 person outdoor tables on the deck upstairs.

Not totally private, but a better privacy situation compared to holding the same discussion in a restaurant.

DeskPlex open fireplaces

Chat Around The Fire

These areas cannot be booked and you cannot take over the fireplace area.

But if there are not a lot of Fellows (members) around, it can be a good venue to catch up.

Deskplex billiards table

Discussion Over Billiards

Chat to your client or team over a game of Billiards.

We try to help privacy by playing music, but at the end of the day it is certainly not a private conversation. Leave this for the less confidential stuff.

deskplex bikes

Ride Around The River Using Our Complimentary Bikes

Exercise, fresh air and total privacy.

Take advantage of being one minute away from one of the most scenic bike tracks in the world.

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