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What is Coworking / Co-sharing?

The shared use of an office space by diverse groups of people ranging from small start-ups to very large public companies. The aim is to share advanced facilities, equipment, ideas and knowledge. People who fill these spaces tend to be technical, IT or creative types.

Is Coworking a better alternative to traditional office spaces?

Coworking is a better alternative for several reasons:

  • You feel part of a community
  • Your productivity can increase with more direct communication between team members
  • You’ll have a better management of work flow
  • You have the ability to share ideas and experiences with likeminded people
  • There are far more facilities then a normal office
  • It is a much more aesthetically pleasing setting
  • It has an environment conducive to creative thinking
  • How do I become a Licensee and how long does it take?

    Contact us via email at and we will get back to you with more info as soon as possible.

    What do I do on my first visit?

    Whatever you feel like.

    What is the difference between a Licensee and Fellow?

    The ‘Licensee’ is the Entity or Business that is responsible for payment of all accounts.
    The ‘Fellows’ are the people who work for the Licensee and are the bums on the seat.

    For example, a Fellow can be:

    • The owner of the Licensee
    • A Director of the Licensee
    • An Employee of the Licensee
    • A Consultant to the Licensee 

    Are all plans monthly?

    Yes. All our agreements run on a month-to-month basis. We take payments at the start of every month.

    What’s the termination policy?

    If you don’t like us, no problem. There is a minimum notice period to terminate your plan. This will all be explained when you sign up.

    Are there any hidden fees?

    There could be, we have no idea. Maybe you can help us find them.

    At what times can I access the space?

    We are open pretty long hours. These hours may be subject to change and we will keep you updated whenever they are adjusted. Otherwise, you can contact a DeskPlex staff member anytime for this information.

    Can I use DeskPlex as my business/work address?

    Yes. You can use DeskPlex as your business address.
    However, please refrain from abusing this luxury. See the Terms and Conditions of the Space for more information on this.

    Are you dog friendly?

    Absolutely however, you are responsible for your dog.

    Any dog that does not socialise with other dogs well or is noisy will get banned from DeskPlex.

    For more information on this topic, head to our Terms and Conditions.

    Are there quiet areas to work?

    Both floors are open plan and do not have any assigned quiet areas or rooms. However, we hope everyone has the courtesy to not make too much noise.

    If you do require an area that is guaranteed to be quiet, perhaps you should consider a Private Office POD plan.

    I talk on the phone a lot, will that be a problem?

    Not at all.

    For those times when you need to speak for a longer duration or a little louder than normal, we have dedicated Phone Booths on each floor and a very large outside deck.

    Otherwise, you should consider applying for a Private Office POD plan. You have your own enclosed space and can talk for as long and as loud as you like without worrying about other Fellows.

    Can I adjust the size of the Private Office PODs?


    There are two base sizes, small and large. You can join as many small, large or a combination of both sizes together depending on availability. In terms of the price, it will be the base price times however many PODs you connect.

    What does a Fellowship at DeskPlex include?

    What doesn’t it include? Here at DeskPlex we try and provide you with everything you could need such as:

    • Breakfast and Lunch Service cooked onsite by our chefs
    • Pool
    • Gymnasium
    • Sauna
    • Large outdoor seating area
    • Indoor and outdoor meetings rooms/areas
    • Projectors and screens in each meeting room
    • Full size Billiards table
    • Open fireplaces (indoor and outdoor)
    • Communal Kitchen areas x2
    • Lockers
    • Phone Booths
    • Coffee & Tea, Fruit, Cereal provisions
    • Fully adjustable desk heights
    • Music playing everywhere (to enhance privacy)
    • Lots of windows that open / fresh air
    • Car parks available with complimentary car washes
    • Dog Friendly (your dog needs to be friendly)
    • Bike storage
    • Private modern showers – towels provided.
    • Biometric door access – no need for carrying swipe cards
    • Modular private PODs – configure any way you want

    And more!

    Check out our Gallery page. You will be impressed!

    What are the parking facilities like?

    DeskPlex has a select number of car parks available on a month-to-month basis.

    If you miss out on a car park for the month, finding a park in the area is not difficult and if you choose to take public transport, there is a tram stop only a few metres away.

    Do you have printing facilities?


    Do you provide any computer/office/desk equipment?

    All of our PODs have shelving available to store your office belongings, filing cabinets, office chairs, desks, portable fans and optional portable heaters.



    Is there access to meeting rooms?

    Yes. We have five meeting rooms on the ground floor and six outdoor tables on the deck if you wish to take your meeting outside.

    You could also chat around the fire, chat over a game of Billiards or, go for a ride around the river using our complimentary bikes.

    How do I reserve a meeting room?

    If vacant, you can use them at no cost on a walk-in basis. If you want a guaranteed time, you can book them for $10 per hour.

    Any Fellows using a room without a booking will have to move on 5 minutes before any booking’s commences.

    Are there storage spaces for Fellows personal belongings?

    There is access to an external bike storage area on the Pine St side of the building as well as internal lockers on both floors.

    Are you child friendly?

    Yes but this is on a case by case basis and must be discussed with DeskPlex management first.
    For more information on this topic, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

    Is GST included in the plan pricing?

    All prices quoted on our website are ex GST (prices do not include GST)

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