Coworking – A Day In The Life

Jan 20, 2021 | Coworking

If you’re tossing up between staying at your home office or investing in a Coworking space, you’ve landed at the right page. Here we explore the pros and cons of both options by going through what a typical day is like for a Coworker to help you figure out which is more suitable for you.

7:15 – Get ready for the day

Working at an office means that you are motivated to start your day off earlier and establish a proper morning routine that sets you up for the day.

Though it might seem enticing to get up 10 minutes before work and stay in your pyjamas all day at home, the novelty wears off soon enough and then you’re left feeling a bit gross and sad for yourself.

It might seem like a bit of an effort some mornings, but ultimately you feel much better when you get yourself up and looking half presentable.

8:00 – Time to sweat it out

benefits of coworking

Many Coworking offices, like ours, offer their tenants the use of a fully-equipped gym.

That means instead of having to drive all the way there and back to one, you can sneak in a quick pre-work session, have a shower and settle down at your desk all in the one building.

Of course, you can always set up a workout routine at home but there’s nothing like being in a space with all the equipment you need and with a much lower risk of punching a hole in the wall or your dog jumping all over you.

8:45 – Breakfast / Morning Coffee

creativity benefits of coworking

At DeskPlex we supply all of the basics free of charge.

That means endless amounts of tea, coffee, cereal etc. at no extra expense.

Some days there is also the option to put your order in for a delicious lunch prepared with love by our friendly team.

This means not going through your home supplies as fast and also not having to bother to think about preparing food as much as you would working from home.

9:00 – Get down to business

creativity benefits of coworking
So you’ve got your morning started and now it’s time to focus and get stuff done.

Many people find they are more productive in a working environment surrounded by other workers.

Here are 5 Unexpected Productivity Perks of Coworking if you want to know more about why this is.

11:30 – Pay the bills

There’s no hiding the fact that renting a space at a Coworking office is going to cost you, and working from home at no cost is a big plus. 

However, the more indirect or abstract advantages that come to your business from working in a Coworking office could definitely outweigh these costs.

13:00 – Lunch

benefits of coworking

The best company you’re likely to get if you’re working from home is your mobile phone.

On the other hand, the kitchen at a coworking space acts as a catalyst of inspiration, ideas, support and general human connection.

Casual small talk can very easily progress to exchanging useful tips and handy connections.

15:15 – Meeting time

benefits of coworking

When you’re working from home it can be a hassle organising a space to meet or setting up virtual meetings on your devices.

One of the biggest advantages of being in a coworking office is having the use of meeting rooms at your disposal.

You may have doubts as to how much privacy you get conducting meetings in these spaces.

At DeskPlex however, we went to great lengths to overcome this issue by making sure our rooms are as sound-proof and private as possible, such as installing noise-absorbing curtains.

Sometime after that – Home (wine) time

As the day starts to wind down and your efforts near futile, there’s always the option to have a drink and a game of billiards with anyone else who’s also given up for the day.

There really isn’t anything better though than making it home after a long day at work. Having some separation from your home throughout the day makes it a lot more special to be in when you return.

Your living place should be somewhere you can completely relax and unwind so that you’re ready to get up the next day and get to work.

Separating work and home lets you harbor the sacredness of your personal space where you can switch off and shamelessly eat a whole packet of salt and vinegar chips in your undies while watching too many YouTube videos.

Although working from home may seem appealing due to the obvious-seeming perks, you probably end up gaining more benefit in the long-run from working in a coworking office.