5 Productivity Perks of Coworking

Jun 18, 2020 | Coworking

A big reason why people love coworking so much is that it’s found to lead to greater productivity than if you are working at home or in a daggy (no offence) traditional office space. If you don’t believe us, here are five ways that coworking offices help you get things done faster.

1. Getting out of the home state of mind

benefits of coworking

Have you ever lied and told yourself that you’d get some work done while lying on the couch or in bed, only to blackout moments later? This is because mixing your relaxation and work-spaces together can make it hard to focus and ‘switch on’ when it’s time to work. Our brains are wired to associate certain spaces with certain actions or ‘modes’.

It’s a common experience to suddenly turn into a pyjama-wearing sloth the second you walk through your door. The problem is that when you try and tell that sloth part of yourself to do anything, it’s going to be very confused and reluctant to work as it thinks it’s still nap time. In order to get out of this mindset, a change of surroundings is needed.

It’s also much easier to get distracted by non-work related things at home. Whether it’s your kids yelling or your pantry calling you to get yet another snack, home is full of distractions and opportunities to procrastinate from what you’re meant to be doing.Having a dedicated workspace is a powerful way to transform yourself from distracted sloth to productive worker.

2. No wasting time with the small stuff

benefits of coworking

For those who are under the pump, all that time spent rushing in traffic to get to the gym or that café on the other side of town can be a significant time-waster. It can also be a nightmare trying to find the space and equipment to set up a work station.

Coworking offices help you out by providing you with everything you could possibly need to get the job done, from high-speed internet to every type of cable-thingy imaginable. On top of that, some offer features like pools, fully-functioning gyms, and cozy indoor communal spaces or large balconies to serve all of your outdoor entertaining needs. In other words, you never have to leave if you don’t want to (although you really should go home, that would be weird).

They look after everything so that you can focus on what is really important to you.

3. Getting those creative juices going

creativity benefits of coworking

Creativity is like the grease to your whole line of production. Without it, you’re probably not going anywhere soon.

Coworking offices are a hub for inspiration and creativity. This is because when you think about it, they really are designed for bringing out your most innovative side. It’s a place where new ideas and creative energy is all around you – it’s hard not to choke on the stuff.

Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces give you the opportunity to work and chat with people from a diverse range of career backgrounds and expertise. This is the perfect recipe for innovation and problem-solving by bringing together different sets of skills and knowledge to come up with something new altogether.

Being constantly surrounded by these new energies is going to inspire you to become much more productive than you would be at home staring at the blank wall in front of you.

4. Happy Humans are More Productive Humans

creativity benefits of coworking

By providing you with a more fulfilling workspace, coworking offices help you become a better worker.

Most coworkers feel healthier and happier than they did working by themselves or in a more traditional office space. This is achieved by first of all constructing a comfortable (but not too comfortable) physical environment that satisfies all of your needs, and also offers a range of different setups depending on individual working styles and requirements.

As social creatures, we naturally thrive when we have other people around for support, advice, and maybe some light banter and gossip (don’t pretend you’re above it). It turns out that the Monday morning chats about the footy or the wife and kids isn’t just mindless yabbering but also an important part of meeting our primal need for socialisation. Having these needs satisfied every day is a great way to create the mental space and energy required to focus on work, therefore helping you to become significantly more productive.

5. Monkey See Monkey Do

Our desire to fit in should never be underestimated.

As much as we all want to believe in the strength of our self-discipline and determination, the fact is that the social pressure to perform when around others is going to get you typing faster than anything else. When working in the same space as other people, your brain is taking in all the details, such as what time everyone gets to the office, how many breaks they take and how many hours they work.

It’s also too easy to assume that anyone sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen is focused and productive, even if they’re just staring into space or googling why their dog walked away from them. Regardless, being surrounded by people who at least look like they’re getting work done subconsciously makes us feel the need to do the same. This is why coworking is better for productivity than being in isolation.

When you’re by yourself and your only colleague is a snoring pet, then this isn’t going to have the same motivating influence over you than if you’re around other workers.