Dogs of DeskPlex – Wilbur

Oct 10, 2020 | Dogs of DeskPlex

Everyone who works at Deskplex knows that all of the dogs who come into the office play a very important role. Behind every great worker is a slobbery fur child who does their best to distract, chew, bark, jump, perform zoomies, and generally wreak havoc.

Every month we will be focusing on a different dog in order to get to know the ‘real’ them and also show our appreciation for all that they contribute to the workplace.

Wilbur – A.K.A “The Boss”

Wilbur ‘The Boss’  (otherwise known as Chunky Boy, Chunk or Wilby) is the handsome and chivalrous 4-year-old brown labrador who belongs to the owners of Deskplex. However, everybody knows that he’s really the one in charge of running the place.

Mostly known somewhat as a gentle giant, he still isn’t afraid to put his paw down when it comes to serious issues such as treat allocation. As the pup in charge, he can often be found working hard in the head office (the kitchen) or taking some tactical power naps wherever meets his high comfort standards.

If you see him walking around, it’s recommended that you give him all of the attention and respect that he deserves. This can be in the form of a pat, belly rub or words of praise and devotion (he’s highly sensitive and might whine if you don’t).

Yes, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.