Dogs of DeskPlex – Alfie

Feb 10, 2021 | Dogs of DeskPlex

Everyone who works at Deskplex knows that all of the dogs who come into the office play a very important role. Behind every great worker is a slobbery fur child who does their best to distract, chew, bark, jump, perform zoomies, and generally wreak havoc. Every month we will be focusing on a different dog in order to get to know the ‘real’ them and also show our appreciation for all that they contribute to the workplace.

Alfie – “The Pug”

Don’t let those big googly eyes fool you, this smelly little pocket rocket can do just as much damage to your nostrils as he can to your lunch if you’re not careful.

In saying this, Alfie’s self-given title at the office is ‘kitchen assistant’ and he demands being paid in treats (preferably peanut butter but he’s quite lenient most of the time).

If any other employee kicked up this much fuss they’d probably be fired, however he happens to be extremely handsome and knows just when to turn on the cuteness so he can get away with whatever mischief goes down.

Every accomplice has a trusty sidekick nearby. In Alfie’s case, he’s usually joined by his best friend Wilbur. What they both lack in brains, they make up for in goofiness and fun.
Pug and Labrador at DeskPlex
When he’s exhausted himself from working at the office all day, Alfie’s favourite thing to do is to find the nearest lap to fall asleep on and snore away until it’s dinner time.

This is Alfie’s favourite time of the day.

As much as he might like to tell you otherwise, he gets plenty of food at home so don’t fall for it. 

Alfie the pug asleep at DeskPlex