COVID-19 Office Policies

Action plan re Mitigation of the Coronavirus


  1. You must sanitise your hands before entering the building.
  2. You will have your temperature checked everyday.
  3. We request you do not accept delivery for any parcels that are not for yourself / your own business. We will likewise not be accepting deliveries for anyone.
  4. The Gym and the Billiards table are open at this stage and you all either use or do not use at your own risk / take your own precautions re cleaning what you use before you use it.
  5. We have removed all non-paper towels in the building and only use paper / disposable towels.
  6. We can offer Proximity cards to use to unlock the doors without touching them, instead of PIN or Biometrics. Note there is a $100 REFUNDABLE bond needed for each one to cover reprogramming and replacement if lost. We have 18 of those available now and should be able to get more within a few days notice.
  7. Meeting Rooms. We have waived the charges for booking meeting rooms. The meeting rooms now operate on a booking only basis. IE. after each time the meeting rooms have been used, our staff have to clean / disinfect them before the next users come in. In-between times, meeting rooms will be kept locked.
  8. Please put dirty dishes straight into dishwasher rather than on bench and, if dishwasher looks near to full, please advise staff so they can turn it on / empty it as required.
  9. Anyone suffering from any of the known symptoms of the Coronavirus must not enter the office. In particular, a Temperature / Fever, Coughing, with Sore Throat and/or Aches and Pains are the main symptoms to be aware of.
  10. Please advise us re anyone observed coughing, spitting or sneezing without proper safeguards.
  11. We request that everyone keep a minimum distance of 1m from other persons in the office at all times.


So that all persons in the office can more accurately assess their own personal situation, we think some type of information regarding the following might be appropriate:

  1. Any occupants of the building who have recently returned from an overseas trip.
  2. We would like to be advised if any occupants of the building are in physical contact / presence of family members over the age of 75, and if there are extra precautions we need to consider for them.
  3. Any occupants of the building who are in attendance at large gatherings, use public transport, or attend venues that are crowded would be good to know as well.


  • MAIN SYMPTOMS: Fever / Temperature AND Coughing
  • MAYBE: Sore Throat and Aches and Pains
  • NOT: Blocked nose or Sneezing

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