COVID-19 Office Policies

      1. In line with current Government Regulations, every person that enters the premises MUST be double vaccinated and be able to show proof of this. If they are not double vaccinated, they must have a valid exemption.
      2. This applies to:
        Existing Members: Required to show proof of vaccination
        New Members: As part of the sign up process, you will be required to show proof of your vaccination as part of the sign up process
        ‘Guests’ (Clients/Visitors/Friends & Family/Off Site Employees): Required to show proof of vaccination before entering the Premises
        Delivery Drivers: Delivery drivers are not allowed past the front door.
        deskPlex Staff & Trades: Must all be vaccinated before entering the premises.

        2. All Persons must NOT:
        ▪ be a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid
        ▪ be currently awaiting test results for diagnosis of Covid
        ▪ be currently subject to isolation orders

        3. All Persons MUST:
        ▪ Check in using our QR Scanner
        ▪ Agree to being subject to a temperature test at any time.
        ▪ Agree, if requested, to have an “instant result” test administered on site
        ▪ Abide by government covid restrictions as issued and modified from time to time.

        4. ‘Guests’: To help monitor who enters the building, ‘Guests’ must only enter the Premises via the main entrance door and either ring the doorbell or ring ‘DeskPlex Reception’ on the Front Entry Screen. A DeskPlex member will greet them at the door and take them through (providing they meet the above requirements).


So that all persons in the office can more accurately assess their own personal situation, we think some type of information regarding the following might be appropriate:

  1. Any occupants of the building who have recently returned from an overseas trip.
  2. We would like to be advised if any occupants of the building are in physical contact / presence of family members over the age of 75, and if there are extra precautions we need to consider for them.
  3. Any occupants of the building who are in attendance at large gatherings, use public transport, or attend venues that are crowded would be good to know as well.


  • MAIN SYMPTOMS: Fever / Temperature AND Coughing
  • MAYBE: Sore Throat and Aches and Pains
  • NOT: Blocked nose or Sneezing

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